Tuition and Fees Policy

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due and payable each semester, no later than the first official day of class. Only those students who register for a given semester during early registration will be billed for the semester in advance. Accounts may later be adjusted and re-billed based on changes in class schedules, housing arrangements and financial aid awards. Students who are not early registered and billed prior to the beginning of the semester must be prepared to pay tuition and fees at the time they register. A fee of $25 will be charged for late payment. If a student is registered for a particular semester but elects not to attend, the student must officially notify the Registrar. Non-attendance does not cancel charges and the student will be held financially accountable for all classes for which she/he is registered.

Important note: If payment arrangements have not been made by the end of the drop/add period, the student's registration is subject to cancellation. The University reserves the right to deny access to, or use of, University facilities to any student with an outstanding balance. Payment of fees is the responsibility of the student, regardless of sponsorship by his or her employer.

Contractual Obligations

The registration of a student signifies the assumption of definitive obligations between the student and the University. It is an agreement by the student to fulfill the terms of the registration contract.


Records will not be released, no future registration is allowed, and the faculty considers the student as a non-candidate for graduation until all indebtedness to the University has been settled. The Bursar's Office is authorized to withhold and apply to the student's debt any funds needed from the student's payroll check, stipend, scholarships, loans, State Grants, or any other student financial aid.

Important note: Students with outstanding indebtedness will not be eligible to register for subsequent semesters, and will be subject to late penalties and interest charges.

Unpaid student accounts, which are deemed delinquent, will be placed with a collection agency. If such action is required, the student will be liable for any cost associated with such action, and should understand that additional collection costs will be a minimum of 33.3% and up to 67% of the outstanding balance.

For more information please visit the Macon Campus Bursar or Atlanta Campus Bursar.

*This information is also located in the Mercer University Catalog.